UK Company Uses Bio-Security Tech to Keep Workplaces Secure as Restrictions Ease

An innovative London-based company has launched a long-lasting, environmentally-friendly antimicrobial coating which provides up to 90 days protection against pathogens as part of a trio of bio-tech measures designed to keep workplaces safe and secure as restrictions ease.

InfectProtect’s antimicrobial coating comes on the heels of its new bio-security device, SteriSecure. For spaces where 100% compliance is required – such as in hospitality venues and areas of high traffic like multi-occupancy office buildings – InfectProtect’s science-led solutions play a key role in creating COVID-secure workplaces.

Although the UK government’s official back-to-work guidelines urge employers and facilities managers to ‘develop cleaning, hand washing, and hygiene procedures’ to reduce risk of infection, outbreaks continue to occur, most recently in a number of food manufacturing facilities, suggesting that more rigorous processes are required for larger workforces.

SteriSecure, one of InfectProtect’s revolutionary safety products, combines hand washing with access control to generate secure, germ-free spaces. The wall-mounted, state-of-the-art hand sanitising station integrates with existing restricted entry methods, preventing access until device activation and use.

Designed with busy fast-paced environments in mind where 100% compliance is vital, SteriSecure features four built-in dispensing nozzles for rapid application, enabling the device to sanitise up to 30 employees or visitors per minute. Each refill boasts a 25,000 capacity, making it simple to significantly reduce workplace risk.

InfectProtect’s Managing Director Michael Howe said, “The government’s return-to-work plan is now firmly in motion yet many employees are naturally quite concerned about the risk of infection outside of their own homes and this is only reinforced by the spike in outbreaks we are seeing in workplaces; most notably within food factories and meat processing plants, alongside localised outbreaks within pubs and restaurants. In a large office building or in places like manufacturing plants and warehouses where workforces are large, 100% compliance with sanitation measures is absolutely vital to suppress the spread of COVID-19.

“To reduce the risk of infection and provide peace of mind for employees and visitors, we must question whether it is really enough to simply introduce sanitation stations, or whether we’d see improved compliance if procedures were enforced as part of the everyday access process.”

By integrating sanitation with standard access procedures, InfectProtect aims to make cleanliness a part of the new normal. Prior to COVID-19, product tests demonstrated an 80% reduction in staff sickness rates, saving the average 100-person business £60,000 per year.

Offering double the protection, InfectProtect’s next generation water-based, long-term antimicrobial coating is designed to inhibit the growth of microorganisms for up to 90 days after application. Suitable for use on most surfaces, it offers a second safeguard against the spread of virus and pathogens. The formula bonds with almost any porous or non-porous surface and can be used inside (for applications such as offices, mass transit, and sports stadiums) as well as outside (parks, playgrounds and benches). Positively charged “nanospikes” attract the negatively charged pathogen and physically destroy the cell membrane on contact, offering protection for up to 90 days.

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Infect Protect was established remotely across Manchester, Sheffield and London in May 2020 with Directors Giles Moore, Michael Howe, and Laurence Nair-Price and is the umbrella company for SteriSecure and SteriCrowd, the world’s leading entry system reliant on hand sanitisation.

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Picture of Michael Howe

Michael Howe

Michael is the MD of InfectProtect. He has over 19 years worth of experience bringing innovations to market and is focused on identifying solutions that will truly have an impact in the "new normal"

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