SteriSecure, the access control hand sanitiser is is featured in ASMag

InfectProtect recently announced the launch of SteriSecure, a hand sanitiser which truly closes the door on infections by integrating into a buildings access security system to only allow entry to people who have sanitised their hands. This was quickly picked up by Consultant Editor of ASMag, Prasanth Aby Thomas who saw the immediate need for this high end solution and interviewed our Managing Director  on how this solution works.

“It works as a relay device that sits in between the control panel and entry method (door, turnstile, etc.) and only passes on the unlock signal once both hands have been successfully coated with hand sanitizer,” explains Michael Howe, MD of Infect Protect. “Unlike standard automatic hand sanitizer dispensers, SteriSecure has four spray nozzles, two on top and two at the bottom, which ensure that a user’s hands are fully coated and speeds up the application time allowing up to 30 uses per minute.”

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Michael Howe

Michael Howe

Michael is the MD of InfectProtect. He has over 19 years worth of experience bringing innovations to market and is focused on identifying solutions that will truly have an impact in the "new normal"

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