Polling Station Protection

In light of “Super Thursday” taking place across Great Britain, putting measures in place to protect voters and staff at polling stations is absolutely vital. 

Our ground-breaking antimicrobial coating gives you an incredibly cheap and simple solution that works 24/7 to keep your polling stations safe, irrespective of how busy they are.

Have questions? No problem...

How good is the Antimicrobial Coating?

With a kill rate of 99.999% and a long life capability of up to 90 days, it is the same as someone spraying a surface/item with disinfectant every 5 minutes for 90 days. To put it bluntly, you won’t find a better way of practically keeping your polling station free of viruses and bacteria.

We will remove all the stress and worry and our coating will make sure your staff and residents are fully protected. Having worked with various councils to provide protection for their polling stations nationwide, we have developed the perfect range of products to suit your individual requirments.

Trusted by Councils Nationwide;

Provides continuous surface protection across;




Ballot Boxes


Protect Professional can be applied by anyone to most surfaces using either a sprayer, fogger or wipe.

Protect Professional

Kills 99.999% of bacteria and viruses
From £12
  • 250ml spray bottles (15m2)
  • 1L bottles (60m2)
  • 1L will coat 200x ballet boxes
  • Window Stickers - Show your your voters that they are protected
  • Fast UK Delivery*
  • Optional Upgrade: *Delivery to multiple locations

Applicator Kits

An even easier way to apply the coating
£ 40 +vat
  • Electric Mist Sprayer
  • M Wipes - So you can coat hard to reach areas
  • One Set of PPE - So you can stay safe while spraying
  • Window Stickers - Show your customers & staff that they are protected
  • Fast UK Delivery*
  • Optional Upgrade: *Delivery to multiple locations

Covid Protection Screens

Perfect for where 2m distance isn't possible
From £46 +vat
  • 900mm x 500mm x 3mm thickness
  • 1200mm x 1000mm 3mm thickness
  • Comes with all the fixtures and fittings required.

Frequently asked questions

Our coating provides protection for 90 days. Therefore, you can pre coat all items and surfaces before they are taken to the various polling stations, or we can supply individual bottles for each polling station to use prior to “Super Thursday”.

We do, we provide bottles of our antimicrobial coating in 1 litre and 250ml spray bottles. These have been designed to accommodate various sized polling booths/stations nationwide.

It’s super easy to apply, anyone can do it. The 250ml bottles come with a push button mist spray cap. The 1 litre bottle can be used with our battery powered electric mist sprayer. Both options are designed to be fast, easy and simple to use by any member of your team.

No, the screens are designed to be installed on any desk within seconds. The main piece slides onto the two legs and that’s it, set up complete. 

Yes they do, however, there is a minimum order required for a special size. We will accommodate wherever we can, so please do get in touch if you have a different requirement.

We have some in stock which can be delivered next day, but for custom sizes, it would depend on volume and sizes required. Although due to manufacturing these in house, we can turn them around fast.