Thinking About Buying NanoGuard X?

Don't pay 35x more for an old formula which is 100x less effective

Now I know what you’re thinking… we’re a competitor so we must be bias.

And there maybe some truth in that. But honestly, we used to base our products on the same 20 year old formula, until we realised it could be made 100x more effective against bacteria and enveloped viruses.

But don’t take our word for it see the comparison below:

Have questions? No problem...

(Unless your NanoGuard X’s lawyers. If so, probably just save your breath.)

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Protect Professional

New formulation tested directly on SARS-CoV-2
From £ 18
Per Litre

NanoGuard X

AKA Liquid Guard
£ 632
Per Litre


Direct Install

Protect Professional has lab tests proving no loss of efficacy even in "dirty" conditions.

Two Stage Process

As NanoGuard X has a slow kill time and low efficacy you must use the supplied sanitiser first increasing labour cost.


99.9999% (in 5 mins)

Protect Professional works against all known bacteria and is tested in "clean" & "dirty" conditions using the highly regarded BS EN 1276 standard within the required 5 minute time frame.

99.99% (in 24hrs!)

NanoGuard X has been tested against a range of core bacteria using a modified version of the JIS Z 2801 standard which only showed the full efficacy within 24hrs of contact time.


99.99% (in 1hr)

Protect Professional has been tested against a range of viruses including SARS-CoV-2 using the ISO 21702 standard and Feline Coronavirus using EN 14476 standard.

90% - 99.8% (in 8hrs!)

NanoGuard X has been tested to show no efficacy within 1hr and a low efficacy all the way up to 8hrs contact time! Meaning that ongoing protection is not really effective.

Long Life Testing

90 Days (Real Time)

Protect Professional has been tested in real time for up to 90 days using a modified PAS 2424 standard, which includes abrasion to emulate real world conditions within the lab. This showed a very impressive 99.99+% effectiveness over the whole time period.

mmm, sure.

In 2018 NanoGuard X was tested under an "accelerated aging" standard which supposedly converts days into years, by storing untouched samples at 50 deg c! Which makes no sense as heat doesn't age our products. In fact it helps the bond and heat could potentially help the efficacy!

Now What?

Have more questions or need a larger volume than 20L?

Make the rational choice.

Our 1L bottles are cheaper than 50ml of NanoGuard X. We also offer free next day delivery for mainland UK.

Set your money on fire.

Don't like money or high protection against bacteria and viruses?

There's a reason we're trusted by:

For the lawyers: All pricing and testing data checked against the and is accurate as of 20/01/22. 

Oh, so you actually want to pay more!
for less?

Use the coupon below and we will make sure to dilute down our formula and increase the price.*

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