Safe. Long Lasting. Guaranteed.

Revolutionary antimicrobial coating for ALL surfaces

A long life antimicrobial coating that safely provides upto 90 days protection against pathogens such as enveloped viruses and bacteria. Give your colleagues, customers and the general public the peace of mind that they require to return. 

Proven for over 20 years in the textile industry

For the past twenty years our antimicrobial coating has been successfully used within the textile industry to make anything from antimicrobial socks to sofas. But it’s in the current climate where it’s finally coming into its own! Our latest formula has been modified to effectively bond with almost any porous or non-porous surface (metal, wood, leather, fabric etc.) meaning that it’s the perfect coating for both inside (offices, mass transit, stadiums) and outside (parks, playgrounds, benches) applications.

Over the years the science behind our product has been featured in multiple peer reviewed scientific journals and has been independently tested to be effective against a wide range of viruses and bacterias. Utilisation of this proven technology will allow you to provide a healthier environment for your colleagues and customers without the need use harmful chemicals. 

Protection for up to 90 days. Guaranteed.​

Unlike most other coating providers who just want you to trust that their coating is still working after 5, 10, 30 days, we provide all customers with a testing kit so that they can check that each surface is actively protected right the way up to day 90! In the unlikely event it is not protected, we will provide a re-coat for free!* 

Not all coatings are created equal

Our formula is a next generation water-based, long-term antimicrobial coating designed to inhibit the growth of microorganisms for up to 90 days after application. Once the coating has dried, it forms an invisible layer of “nanospikes” that penetrate and destroy cell membranes. Due to these “nanospikes”, our product’s process of elimination is Physical instead of chemical, making it superior to other long-term solutions which regularly only work on hard surfaces and leach out chemicals.

Physical vs Chemical Kill

Our Coating (Physical):

Positively charged “nanospikes” attract the negatively charged pathogen and physically destroy the cell membrane on contact. 

Other Coatings (Chemical):

The coating leaches out a chemical (Silver Ion, Copper, etc) which slowly attacks the cell wall and binds itself to the DNA of the pathogen to modify its behaviour.

Negatives of other coatings include:

  1. Slow kill time (2hrs+ to reach 99%),
  2. Release of Antimicrobial Substance,
  3. Possible Microbial Resistance (“Superbugs”)

Give your colleagues and customers the safe environment they deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our coating’s technology is based on the use of quaternary ammonium silicone compounds (“SiQAC”) as antimicrobial agent

Our coating protects your surfaces from a range of viruses, bacteria, mold, algae and odors. Furthermore, the coating acts as a sacrificial layer of protection for the surface itself, protecting against micro-scratches and general wear and tear.

Yes, we have had it successfully lab tested, in line with BS EN 14476, on feline coronavirus virus. 

Because of this and due to the mechanical method our coating utilises to puncture the cell wall of enveloped viruses, we would expect it to work in the same way on COVID-19. 

We have a range of independent testing certificates, including BS EN 14476, ISO 21702:2019, OEKA-TEX, which we can provide on request.

In an office setting, our antimicrobial coating will be fully functional for 90 days.

In areas of high friction / abrasion our coating will have a shorter life span.

Our coating will adhere to a wide variety of surfaces, including metals, plastics, ceramics, carpet, timber, and fabric. 

No, our antimicrobial coating provides its users with an invisible shield of protection that is undetectable to the naked eye. Our coating is also colourless and odourless by nature, therefore it does not stain fabric materials.

No, this is an additional level of protection that not only eliminates harmful microorganisms on application but continues to eliminate them all day every day.

Unlike other coatings, ours can be applied by any competent person who has undergone our short online training programme.