Cleaning Specialists, Olico Cleaning & Maintenance, are literally flown in to protect a nationwide retailers’ employees.

As the country sees rising cases and in the knowledge that we will have to live with coronavirus, a large UK Retailer contacted Olico Cleaning & Maintenance and wanted an innovative solution which could fully protect their employees, prevent contract spreading and was more sustainable and cost effective to install. 

Thanks to a partnership between Olico and InfectProtect, they were able to offer our water based long life antimicrobial coating, Protect Professional. Our product gives a transparent barrier on all surfaces and equipment and provides continued antimicrobial production for up to 90 days after the application. When it dries on the surface, it becomes permanently bonded, mechanically killing enveloped viruses and all bacteria on contact, including MRSA, H1N1 Influenza and strains of the Coronavirus to a 99.999% kill rate.

It was so important for this to be implemented, Ryan Yates, MD of Olico Cleaning & Maintenance was flown by company helicopter to complete the work as soon as physically possible across all the warehouses and distribution centres. 

Ryan Yates, said “to work with such a large and forward thinking client has been fantastic and it was a real pleasure to speak to so many of their employees who were genuinely happy their working environment was being coating with antimicrobials. Plus, being able to travel by helicopter is an experience I will not forget for a long time.”

InfectProtect Co-Founder and Commercial Director, Giles Moore, said “it has been great to work with Olico Cleaning & Maintenance, who have worked extremely hard to secure this contract and have been an ambassador for our groundbreaking solution from day one” 

Manchester based Olico Cleaning & Maintenance, commercial cleaning specialists, have completed the first round of application across all their sites and have already planned in the reapplications for continuous 24/7 protection.  

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Michael Howe

Michael is the MD of InfectProtect. He has over 19 years worth of experience bringing innovations to market and is focused on identifying solutions that will truly have an impact in the "new normal"

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