Antimicrobial Commercial Vehicles Kit

Our commercial vehicle kits give you everything you need to install a protective layer of Protect Professional across all your vehicle’s touch points. From as little as £0.04 per day for the antimicrobial coating, to provide full protection for your drivers, colleagues and customers. 

Each vehicle kit, starting from £40, contains all the necessary equipment, and just simply choose the amount of antimicrobial coating required to fully protect your entire vehicle fleet. 

Designed to work around your convenience, with no outside labour required and no delays all from only £0.04 per day per vehicle.

Have questions? No problem...

The Perfect Solution For;



Hire Cars

Mini Buses


Our Protect Professional Coating Provides Market Leading Protection For Your Vehicles.

As COVID-19 started to disrupt life, a growing number of businesses, charities and local authorities are turning to Protect Professional to keep their working environments sterile and safe for their staff and customers.

Vehicle Kits Include:

All the equipment you require
£ 40 +vat
  • Electric Mist Sprayer
  • M Wipes - So you can coat hard to reach areas
  • One Set of PPE - So you can stay safe while spraying
  • Window Stickers - Show your customers & staff that they are protected
  • Fast UK Delivery
  • Additional Requirements: Enough fluid to coat your whole fleet

Protect Professional

Provides up to 90 day Protection from Viruses and Bacteria
From £ 35 +vat
  • Tested to 99.999% efficacy
  • Kills within 5minutes of contact
  • Lasts upto 90 days!
  • Physically kills microbes with microscopic spikes
Coating vs No. of Vehicles
No. of VehiclesQty Litres RequiredCoating Cost 

Why Choose Our Kit;

Independently Tested

Efficacy has been rigorously tested by independent labs to 99.999% against coronavirus strains and superbugs. Certified to recognised standards: EN 14476 & PAS2424:2014

Incredibly Versatile

It can be applied to porous (fabric, wood, leather, etc.) and nonporous (plastic, metal, glass, etc.) materials, making it perfect for the variation of materials within any vehicle.

Microscopic Protection

This coating works at the molecular level to covalently bond with the surface it is applied to. This is invisable once dry and has no odour.

Lasting 60+ Day Protection

Our certified 60 day test results show a remarkable 99.999% / 5 log reduction in microbial activitiy after only 5 minutes of applying them to the coated surface.