About Us

InfectProtect was founded by leadership team of product design, microbiology and infection control experts to ensure all workplaces and public spaces are kept infection free.

Meet our Leadership team

Michael Howe

Managing Director

Dr Mireille van der Torre

Head of Science

Giles Moore

Commercial Director

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Architects of Infection Control Solutions.

Our team brings together the diverse range of expertise from multiple sectors which enables us to design, develop and build effective infection control solutions for organisations of all shapes and sizes.

Through a mix of science led consultancy and our superior SteriSecure and SteriCrowd products, we help organisations of all sizes make sure their working environments are kept healthier and safer for their staff and customers.

Crowd Sanitisation

Our SteriCrowd product increases the general hygiene of high throughput areas limiting the spread of disease and the build-up of infection points.

Hand Sanitisation Access Control

Our SteriSecure product guarantees 100% hand sanitisation compliance by integrating hand hygiene into your access control systems.

Testing Consultancy

Our in-house team of experienced scientists help you to cut through the noise around viral testing to make sure you only use proven tests from quality checked laboratories.

Infection Control Planning

We help organisations to "get back to work" and put in systems and processes to ensure they stay working and limit avoidable sick leave.