From mass sanitisation machines and antimicrobial coatings through to science led infection control & viral testing consultancy. InfectProtect is here to support you through this pandemic.

SteriCrowd - Fast efficient hand santiser

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The High Volume Hand Sanitisation System

Perfect for locations of high traffic (stadiums, supermarkets, etc.) where hand sanitisation is needed to mitigate the risk to your staff and the wider population.

SteriSecure - Access control door lock hand sanitiser

The Access Control Hand Sanitisation System

In situations where 100% compliance is required by staff or customers, our SteriSecure system integrates into your existing access control systems to enforce sanitisation.

Long Lasting Antimicrobial Coating For Most Surfaces

An environmentally-friendly coating that safely provides upto 90 days protection against pathogens such as enveloped viruses and bacteria.

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As seen on the BBC News

As COVID-19 started to disrupt businesses, a growing number turned to us to keep their working environments sterile and safe for their staff and customers.

Recently the BBC news featured a Dental Surgery who have installed our device in their waiting room for staff and patients to use before gaining access to the treatment room.